Sound Effects Now!

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Introducing Sound Effects Now!
The Easy-to-Use Soundboard Software for Windows PCs

Windows PC Sound Effects Software Soundboard

Created by broadcast professionals, Sound Effects Now! is an inexpensive software solution for deejays, emcees, public address announcers -- anyone who needs to be able to access sound effects and pre-recorded audio clips instantly at the touch of a button.
Sound Effects Now! features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Any sound effect can be accessed and ready to play in moments. And there's no limit to the sounds you can include: music, sound effects, any audio clip can be added in either .mp3 or .wav format.
Color code your sound clips for greater efficiency. Sound Effects Now! not only lets you customize sounds by category, each individual sound can also have custom button colors. Unique colors help you in spotting the sound effect you need when you need it NOW!
Download your copy of Sound Effects Now! and try it FREE for 30 days. This is the full version with nothing held back. If you decide you like it, purchase a license for $34.95 and it's yours forever. No monthly or yearly charges, ever! Plus free updates for life.
Unlimited Sound Files

Unlimited Sound Files

There's no limit to the number of sound files with Sound Effects Now! And add more at any time. Let your creativity run wild.
Categorize Your Sounds

Categorize Your Sounds

Optionally arrange sound effects by category to provide quicker access. Create one category or a million -- it's up to you!
Drag, Drop, Play!

Drag, Drop, Play!

Up to 120 sound effects loaded and ready at a button click. Switch any sound instantly by dragging and dropping. Easy!
Video is muted -- click "Unmute" to listen
deejay playing sound effects
We've built Sound Effects Now! to be easy to use. A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. One hundred twenty sound buttons to pre-load your frequently used sounds. Instant playback at the click of any button. Add fun and excitement to your presentations with Sound Effects Now!
Add new sounds to your library anytime. Sound Effects Now! catalogs all your sounds inventory in less than a second, making everything available to you instantly.
Edit sound titles to provide meaningful names. Optionally add key words to help you find whatever sound effect you're looking for in mere seconds with the program's powerful search feature.
Drag and drop sound files on any play button, even while the previous sound is still playing.
Download Sound Effects Now! and try before you buy. Take 30 days to put the software through its paces. After 30 days purchase a lifetime license for a one-time payment of $34.95. Never pay again and enjoy free updates for life.
There's the Download button. What are you waiting for?